Monday, July 19, 2010

Portland Internatinal Beer Festival

This weekend I went to the Portland International Beer-fest in preparation for the Oregon Brewers Festival this weekend. Here is a quick list and review of the beers I tried there. Slightly disappointing that you could only have a 4oz. glass of most beers for your tickets. But it was a fun festival all around and I had a good time.

Beers are rated on how much I liked them not quality or accuracy of style

Brewery- name - style
Review GRADE

Cascade - mystery beer 2 - Elixir of Sin (just sex)
very sweet sour light beer not very good on a hot day surprisingly. D+

Spaten - Munich Dunkel - Munich Alt Dunkel
Extremely malty and sweet, very full mouth-feel B-

Double Mountain Brewery- Devils Kriek - Sour Blend
Very red, probably from some fruit added, again not very good on a hot day. Tasted like sweet and sour mix. C

Double Mountain Brewery- Molten Lava- American Double IPA
From what I could taste I believe that it had a very strong Northern Brewers Hops taste. Not overly bitter, refreshing B+

Firestone Walker - Velvet Merkin - Oatmeal Stout
First encountered this treat at the Winter Brewers Festival in Portland last year, and again when I tried to clone it for my own recipe. Not what you would think of as a great summer beer because it is very dark and heavy but to my delight it was very palatable and as good as I remember. B+

Rogue- John John Juniper Pale Ale - "Northwest" Juniper Berry Pale
To be honest I don't really remember drinking this one so well say it was nothing that stood out, not saying it was bad so I am not going to grade since I don't remember. Obviously was not bad but nothing that stuck out.

Urthel - hop-it - Hoppy Belgian Strong Pale
Tried this on recommendation from my brother. Started off very blonde and mellow but the bitterness came after I had finished drinking very unique not quite an IPA in bitterness but still pretty good. B

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