Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tour De Beers, Alaska Part 2

Tuesday June 28th 2011:
Kassik's Brewery- Dolly Varden Nut Brown - Kenai, AK
- Roasted nut flavor. Pretty good brown ale very malty with a balance of caramel and chocolate with a nutty aftertaste.

Alaskan Brewing Company - IPA - Juneau, AK - Ok beer didn't like the hop flavor. Decent amount of IBU's but I didn't like the aroma or taste of them, I don't know what hops they used.

Kassik's Brewery - Moose Point Porter - Kenai, AK - Real dark porter roasted Clean finish not a lot of residual malt flavor left in your mouth. Thick foamy head with a mild coffee aftertaste. Not a great beer for warm weather.

I quickly realized how expensive this proposition was to drink not only Alaskan beers but different Alaskan beers. So for the remainder or the trip I just bought 12 packs Alaskan brewing beer, the White and IPA.

My brother's girlfriend's brother (really?) is also a home brewer and Chelsea brought over some of his barley wine. It was really good and strong. Nice clean finish.

The Great Divide Brewing Co. - Hercules Double IPA - Michael bought this for me on trip as a present. Wasn't Alaskan but it was really good. Extermely strong (9.1% ABV) I was feeling pretty buzzed after just one 22 oz.

For fathers day we bought my dad a beer brewing starter kit and I helped him brew the Amber that he liked so much when he was down here. The rest of the trip was fun but not really beer related.

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