Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oregon Brewers Festival

On Friday July 29 our office got let out early to go down to the Oregon Brewers Festival.  This is a yearly event since most of the people in my office are beer enthusiasts.  As always my reviews and ratings are based on how much I liked the beer not based on any style guidelines.

Colombia River Brewing co. - Nyctophobia IPA- C apparently nyctophobia means fear of hops )because under no situation would I call this an ipa.  Nyctophobia actually means fear of the dark.  7.5% was a good way to get primed for the beer fest.  This was a very dark ale with light roasted flavor.

Elysian Brewing Co - Idiot Sauvin - A-  Nice ipa uses the New Zeland hops that apparently becoming all the rage these days.  Not too bitter but good hop aftertaste.  Another strong beer at 7%.

After the last two full glasses i decided to slow down and just do some samples because I didn't want to get too drunk this early in the beerfest.  

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery- Black and Red - F- Fucking terrible, tasted like cough syrup very medicine taste. At 10.3% will knock your dick in the dirt really fast, unfortunately the dirt will be filled with vommit due to the abhorrent taste, smell, even the color was bad. I don't know how it just was. Pat had a great quote describing this beer "you know a beer is bad when you need a chaser." This beer was so sweet and it smelled like mint shisha. This was the longest line at the beerfest. Ben gave this excuse for getting an entier glass which I will not explain why it is funny, "This girl said it was really good."

After the terrible experience with the mint/raspberry/feces beer we headed for the south tent to see if anything better was to be drank. While waiting for others to get caught up we saw some type of wolf/dog mix and were looking at it from afar.

After a while a man in a kilt stopped by to pet the dog also, this was quite the popular pet. This is when things got ugly the kilted man squatted down to pet the canine and let everyone know he was taking the Scottish garment very seriously. I'm not quite sure it they touched, but his balls were hanging out of the kilt with no more than half an inch from the dirt.
Rock Bottom Brewery- Zombie Flanders-  Pretty sour Belgian beer they tricked me with the cool name and them let me down with the shitty beer.

Great Divide Brewing - rumble - C Not a clean aftertaste, slightly piney.

At this point I start to get pretty buzzed I may have wanted to try a few less full glasses and a lot less tastes of other peoples beers.

Coalition Brewing co - Wu C.R.E.A.M. - B-  Decent cream ale rich mouthfeel.  How I described it in my notes was "Huge Body, like a fat chick"  not the most eloquent way of describing a beer but it gets the point across.

Natian Brewery - CuDA Cascadian Dark Ale - A-  Good CDA went down good came up better. After drinking had possibly one of the best tasting burps of my life I got a full cup so I enjoyed several more of these delights at my level of intoxication. As the beer progresses the novelty of the unique hop burp wears off and it becomes a chore to finish this beer.  It may be because my rate of consumption has lowered but I think I'll just do samplers from now on.

Caldera Brewing Company - Caldera Hop Hash - C American strong pale ale 7% at 95 ibu there is a lot of hop bitterness with not a bunch of aromatics or hop flavor. At this point I am getting real drunk.  Any review after this point is not worth listening to.

Mt Emily ale house- Wildfire Red Ale - B+ American imperial red ale, nice aroma great flavor amber color I remember really liking this beer unfortunately after the previous disclamer I will have to disregard this endorsemtnt.  I would really like to got back and try it again though.

Thats all I have for this day, hopefully I will go back on Saturday with more stories of mint beer, wolf dogs and disgusting balls.


  1. I've been reading this post for months. I am unimpressed

  2. I would like to formally reach out to my reader(s) and apologize for the lack of posts I will be sure to do something about this. I recently got engaged and I have been a bit busy but I have got my priorities in order now.