Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oregon Brewers Festival 2012 Day 2

Whitney thought it would be a good idea to wear fanny packs.  She was right.  That morning while I was at work she went to goodwill and got a sweet leather patchwork fanny pack.  When I go there mine was full of goodies including easy cheese and wheat thins.  After I was released from work 3 hours early to go to the beerfest I was ready to drink.  Unfortunately Friday lines were MUCH longer so  in order to reach my desired alcohol intake I had to get a full glass of most of the beers because it took so long to get through the lines.

Double Mountain Brewery and Taproom - Goliathon - C Rasiny barley wine nothing overwhelming just an 11% beer only wanted to try a taster because I'm not usually a big barley wine fan.

Red Rock Brewing Company - Red Rock Elephino Double IPA - B Super simcoe aroma and flavor light straw color not well balanced, too light on the body

Gigantic Brewing Co - Dynomite!  B- Golden color resiny aroma big malty mouthfeel.  Hop lingering flavor after drinking wasn't great.

Terminal Gravity Brewing - X IPA B Golden color with an earthy aroma pretty good not remarkable good body, I would drink again.

Boulder Beer Company - Mojo - B- Average IPA, little more bite than I'd like for how hoppy it is. Light gold color not super aromatic thin mouth-feel.

Hopworks Urban Brewery - Evelyn's Imperial Sunshine - B+ Pretty good IPA,strong good taste and nose golden color

Caldera Brewing Company - Hop Hash - A- Kind of like a really hoppy red, reddish color good beer I wish I was
more sober so I could give it a better review.  A very distinctive hop flavor but I can't tell what it is because I'm too drunk.

Flyers Restaurant and Brewery - Pacemaker Porter B+ Black porter rich chocolatey nose thick full mouthfeel with huge body great thick dark flavor great dark beer.  I wanted to try a dark beer and true this one as I was walking out because it had the shortest line.  Probably because it was a dark beer at a summer beer fest but a great beer.  Too bad it picked the wrong season

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