Friday, July 26, 2013

26th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival 2013 Day 1

After several years covering the OBF, my credentials have finally been recognized and I was officially recognized as a member of the press.  This came with several perks one of which was a free glass and a few tokens the other more important one to me was a full excel file with the descriptions of all the beers that could be modified.  This made creating this post so much easier because I could copy and paste the beer names, brewery, ABV, style, etc. into a word doc.  This saved me a lot of time because I didn't have to check for spelling and manually type all of the information in.

     Also it gave me an advanced look at all the beers and let me make an attack plan for what I wanted to try this year.  The biggest problem I found over the last few years in attendance is that I can never find what I want when I want it, and I usually end up going to the beer with the shortest line. My friend Evan came up to the OBF for a wedding this year and we decided to pick what beers we wanted to try in a Google doc (Engineering Nerds).  We each rated how badly we wanted to try a beer 1-3, averaged our scores and then based on the averaged score we determined a threshold for what beers we were going to try.   I took the beer list and highlighted all the ones I wanted to try and added a star for the beers rated 3, and a dash for the beers rated 2.5 after averaging.  This document shall be referred to a "The Attack Plan" henceforth.
     When we got to the event we were wearing pretzel necklaces Whitney had made that morning and we were informed of a new trending hashtag on twitter was #BYOPN.  Social media has really taken drinking paraphernalia to another level.  I did get asked several times where I got my necklace and how much it was.  Enterpenurs here is your chance to really cash in on a burgeoning market.

Bayern Brewing - Kaiser Pilsener - Imperial Pilsener Lager - 5.5 C I dont really like pilsners that much but it was OK for a pilsner. They always taste astringent to me but I think that must be part of the style.

Drake's Brewing Co. - 1500 Pale Ale - American Extra Pale Ale - 5.5 A- Super simcoe hoppy, more of an IPA than a pale ale

Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom - ClusterF#ck Single-Hop IPA - Single Hop IPA - 7.3 I wanted to like this beer a lot just for the name but it was... OK.

Epic Brewing Co. - Hop Syndrome Lager - Dry-Hopped American Premium Lager - 4.6 C+ Dank hop flavor not a great aftertaste very light color and mouth-feel.

Worst member of the press ever...  I have gone through 4 beers and before I realized that I was not using my typical analysis of Appearance, Smell, Taste, Mouth-feel, and Drinkability. A real rookie mistake from now on my reviews will be more in depth and useful.  I also realized that my phone battery was going to die very fast if I kept using it to write down my reviews so I switched to paper and pen.  It wasn't easy because I have terrible hand writing and no pen or paper.  So I used the back of my press kit paper and the back of the attack plan.  I found out they had pens at the token counters after searching for like 20 minutes.

Terminal Gravity Brewing - Tap Out - Craft Malt Liquor - 10.0 B+ This light copper beer had a really sweet nose to match the sweet flavor complimenting the residual sweetness left after you finished the drink.  This however did not taste like a 10.0% beer very drinkable.. I could drink a lot of these if it wouldn't put me into a coma.

Great Divide Brewing Co. - Colette Farmhouse Saison - Farmhouse Style Saison - 7.3 B- A light, slightly cloudy beer that was heavily cloved aroma and extreme spiced aftertaste had a medium body.  I'm not a huge fan of saisons but this was pretty drinkable.

Heathen Brewing - Transgression IPA - West Coast IPA - 7.5 A-  A light amber beer with a sweet and hoppy aroma.  The resiny taste is an assault up front and then it stays with you long after you have finished your beer.  Full mou.... WHOA LINGERING RESIN! I couldn't get over how much this beer kept the, I'm assuming Simcoe, resin flavor in your mouth.  I wrote down notes and finished my beer and was in line for the next one, and when back and wrote "RESIN X 100" on the paper.  It had a thick full bodied mouth-feel.

Maui Brewing Co. - Lemongrass Saison - Belgian Inspired Saison - 5.0 C This cloudy straw beer with very light the aroma was typical for a saison featuring a heavy clove aroma, no noticeable aroma of lemongrass.  The taste was about what I expected heavy clove flavor that stays with you.  It was about an average saison no lemongrass anywhere in this beer.

Boneyard Beer - Bone-A-Fide Pale Ale - Pale Ale - 5.6 A A golden to light copper beer with heavy pine aromas is very pleasant when you first smell it.  The flavor was dank/resiny and very drinkable but not overpowering.  A medium mouthfeel very drinkable best beer I had had all day at this point.

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers - Tallulah - Extra Pale Ale - 5.6 A- Golden beer, extremely clear the aroma was sweet like molasses I think this may be from the new hot hop they are using called Calypso.  The taste was extremely unexpected almost like a CDA. Noticeable chocolate notes with a medium to light body.  I could definitely drink a few of these but not all night.  A great beer.

Hale's Ales Brewery - Hale’s 30th Anniversary Double Pale Ale - Double Pale Ale - 8.0 B A dark golden ale with resiny aroma.  I think I may just be convincing myself everything I drink is Simcoe at this point.  Its a great smelling beer though.  The taste was that of a lingering resin I wrote "Great Taste" but apparently only thought it worthy of a B.  I may have to go back and try it again.  Fully to medium mouthfeel not as drinkable as I was hoping in spite of up front hop flavor the lingering resin does this beer no favors.
Portland Police Department:
 Serving and Protecting the Drunks

GoodLife Brewing Co. - Evil Sister - Imperial Pacific Ale - 8.0 C+ A light amber beer with a a slightly sweet nose, not very noticeable though.  The taste was sweet with a a hot flavor that doesn't stay to long.  It was unique and not something i was able to identify. Very thick and syrupy for an IPA (Im assuming thats the style) I couldn't drink a lot of this beer because its very thick.  This beers description was probably the worst thing I've ever read as far as usefulness.
Think back on the days when your sister tortured you with endless pinching, wet willies and Indian burns.  Evil Sister’s flavors of strong citrus and floral hops balance this beer, but at 8% it will have you cryin’ for your mama!
WTF Goodlife? Descender is so awesome!  I guess their PR department doesn't really reflect the quality of their beer.

Stone Brewing Co. - Stone Delicious IPA - American IPA - 8.3 A- This beer I was one I really wanted to try coming in at 116 IBU according to stone I had to try it on Thursday, because I know it wasn't going to be there when I go off work on Friday.  This dark golden slightly cloudy beer and an amazing citrus and pine aroma.  A very distinctive flavor, with a full mouthfeel.  Pretty drinkable a little sweeter than I would like for an IPA but a great beer.  This used a couple hops Stone has never used before Mosaic and Eldorado.  They tasted awesome.  I had a sip of Whitney's before I had a full glass and thought for sure they had made a perfect beer but when I had a full sampler it wasn't AS good.  But still an amazing beer highly recommend.

Elysian Brewing Co. - Oddland Spiced Pear Ale - Spiced Fruit Beer - 6.5 D+ For some reason the pourer gave me a full glass which I was originally very pleased with, until I tasted this monstrosity.  Cloudy golden beer that was heavily spiced.  No noticeable hops but the pear does come though, finishing off with a light body.  This beer was not really drinkable the spices overpowered the beer I originally gave it a C- but I downgraded to a D+ because I got a full beer and could not finish it. I threw it on the ground!

Collaborator - Smoked Helles - Bamberg Style Helles Rauchbier Lager - 5.9 D+ Light golden color, the aroma was sweet with slightly smokey notes, difficult to pick up. The description says its "a smooth introduction to smoked beers." It was like playing just the tip with a gigantic smokey dong.  I would not drink this beer again but it didn't make me throw up because of the flavor so that's one positive thing I can say about it. 

Dunedin Brewery - Chronicle 11: Subtropical IPA - American Fruited Farmhouse IPA - 7.0 B- Cloudy blonde ale with a unique floral spicy aroma.  This beer was bitter as shit not as pleasant as you would hope for in an IPA the fruitiness from the Nelson hops comes through the second taste was much better than the first.  Medium to light bodied I would drink this beer again but probably not a bunch of them.

Two Beers Brewing Co. - Evo. IPA - American Style IPA - 6.2 B A dark golden, light amber beer smells sweet with light crystal malt notes.  The taste is mildly hoppy but with lots of carmel/crystal malt flavor that comes through, very well balanced. Heavy body but very drinkable.

Silver Moon Brewing - Bone Crusher Imperial Red - Imperial Red Ale - 8.6 A- I was excited for this 100 IBU also.  Dark copper/amber colored this had a very distinct aroma to it but I need to train my nose better to pick out the smell.  This is a great hoppy red reminded me of the Fire Crotch Red that I had made. Fully body very drinkable not SUPER hoppy but you get the point they were trying to make with the hops.

Attack Plan after day 1
Oakshire Brewing Co. - OBF 26 - Imperial Oregon Ale - 7.0 A- A light amber/dark Godlen beer with a dank and musty aroma this beer tastes like simcoe or everything tastes resiny and simcoey to me now. a medium to light body but very drinkable and I liked this beer a lot.

Lucky Labrador Brew Pub - Copperopolis - Copper Ale - 5.1 B- Copper really describes this very clear beer.  No strong aromatics can be picked up maybe a small carmel aroma from the malt.  The flavor is carmel with a strong malt flavor and a medium hop profile.  A medium mouthfeel makes the a very drinkable beer I could probably drink this all night.

Prodigal Son Brewery & Pub - Jackson Sundown - Saison - 6.9 C+  Light copper color with candy aromas At this point my handwriting has devolved to unintelligible chicken scratch.  I can pick up random sentence fragments in there they include "Candy aromas almost candy cane" "Bubble gum when warm"

We went to Paddy's pub to have dinner and finished the evening thoroughly intoxicated.


  1. If I knew you would like the beer I was pouring I would have given you a better pour but as Whitney described it as tasting like outhouse; I didn't want to make you suffer. On a side note I don't think I will volunteer next year while I had fun I was beat after my shifts so didn't get to enjoy the festival as much as I would have liked.

    1. Not sure why my google account didn't link with my post but oh well