Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hop Valley Brewing Co. - Citrus Mistress Review

Brewery: Hop Valley Brewing Co.
Location: Springfield, OR
Beer: Citrus Mistress
Style: IPA
Serving: Pint Glass (22 oz.) 
ABV: 6.5%
IBUs: 80

Hop valley is a rather smaller brewery in Springfield, OR.  Their website didn't have any information on this beer either because its new or because it's a seasonal that they didn't want to invest the time into putting on the site.

A (3/3): This beer is dark hazy orange and doesn't have much head to speak of as well as minimal lacing.

S (11/12): Probably more citrus flavor than any beer I have experienced in my life.  Both lemon and grapefruit just ooze out of this beer.  The malt backbone does not even come into play, you are only aware of it enough to know you're not smelling a bag of hops. A hint of peach presents itself after a few sniffs.  Citrus Mistress smells amazing, brewed with grapefruit zests to enhance the intense citrus character.

T (18/20): This beer taste of citrus like you read about.  Strong lemon and grapefruit similar to the aroma tickle the taste-buds with a fantastic flavor.  Munich malt was used to bring a nice balance to the beer and give it just enough substance so it's not hop tea.  Not incredibly bitter, but loads of hop flavor.

M (4/5): This medium bodied creamy beer finishes nicely, without a overly exuberant bitter bite.

O (8/10): A fantastic beer, I really loved this.  Like a lemonade on a hot day this would go great in the heat or any other time you would enjoy a summer ale.  I had this beer in one of the coldest February's we have had in Oregon in a few years but I still could really enjoy all it had to offer.



  1. Hop Valley's original Springield brewery may be rather small but their new operation in Eugene is huge:

    1. Wow, I didn't know they had expanded so much. Thanks for the link.