Thursday, March 6, 2014

Elysian - Valhala Red IPA Review

Brewery: Elysian Brewing Company
Location: Seattle, WA
Beer: Valhalla
Style: Red India Pale Ale
Serving: Pint Glass (22 oz.) 
ABV: 7.5%
IBUs: 70

A (3/3): A light yellow foamy head sets up shop on this beer. A very long lasting head the beer is light red in color with a minor haze.

S (9/12): The aroma from the hops definitely has a citrus character to it.  Not one particular citrus fruit is bold enough to claim the beer as its own, but orange does pull out ahead of the others.  An agreeable balance is made from the light caramel and cookie character offer my the malts.

T (16/20): This is an inverted bell curve of a beer, high malts and high hops reign supreme here.  The Special B and Caramel malts used to construct this beer give it a great flavor reminiscent of buckwheat or tea.  The bottle said this beer was bittered with Sorachi Ace hops and finished with Amarillo.  However in doing my research multiple sites said that it was finished with Citra.  While it was very Citra-ish, Amarillo has a characteristic orange quality so I am inclined to believe what they put on the bottle.

M (4/5): A medium bodied beer with a soft carbonation and a thick sticky finish.  This beer has a soft level of carbonation

O (7/10): Not a characteristic IPA but very easy to imbibe.  The malt profile contrasts drastically against the hops however in the end it makes the beer very enjoyable.  Probably not an everyday drinker but once in a while this beer would be very good.


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