Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Rare Barrel - Ensorcelled Review

Brewery: The Rare Barrel
Location: Berkeley, CA
Beer: Ensorcelled
Style: American Wild Ale
Serving: Tulip Glass (10 oz.) 
ABV: 5.8%
Sourness: 6/10

A (3/3): A very strange head sits on this deep dark purple colored beer.  Like tadpole eggs each evenly sized and spaced transparent bubble covers this beer.

S (10/12): Raspberry.  Just raspberry, slightly sweet with a tinge of sourness to it. Not like Ocean Spray juice but pretty close.

T (17/20): The smell leads you right into the flavor with a strong raspberry flavor with just the right amount of sourness.  This has a great taste that makes you want to go back and grab more.

M (4/5): Medium bodied with a silky texture and soft carbonation finishes with an almost biting tartness.

O (8/10): Fantastic sour beer just the right distribution of sourness and fruit flavor.  One of the more sour beers I tried at The Rare Barrel.


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