Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bridgeport Brewing - Bear Hug Cherry Chocolate Stout Review

Brewery: Bridgeport Brewing
Location: Portland, OR
Beer: Bear Hug Cherry Chocolate Stout
Style: Chocolate Stout
Serving: Snifter Glass (22 oz.) 
ABV: 7.5%
IBUs: 35

Brewed with NW Nugget hops, roasted cocoa beans and dark sweet cherries.

A (3/3): Deep black in color like used motor oil with the exception of the frothy, dark tan head and only nominal lacing.

S (9/12): This beer has a mild nuttiness that rides along with the light coffee aroma and a hint of maraschino cherry.  The roasted malts bring out a slightly bready, grainy aroma that compliment the cocoa beans.

T (16/20): The first sip gives you a nice warm welcome of sweet chocolate and a pleasant light coffee flavor.  Cherry comes in on the back of the palate with a chocolate character that slightly resembles bakers chocolate.

M (4/5): Medium bodied, but much lighter than I expected from the viscous pour.  A silky smooth beer with little to no malt bitterness. A creamy mouthfeel with a very light carbonation and smooth finish.

O (7/10): If you like chocolate stouts this is a great beer to try.  The cherry adds a little extra sweetness that is very enjoyable.  More of a dessert beer than a daily drinker but this definitely would be a nice treat after dinner.


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