Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ninkasi Brewing Company - Spring Reign Review

Brewery: Ninkasi Brewing Company
Location: Eugene, OR
Beer: Spring Reign
Style: American Blonde Ale
Serving: Sam Adams Glass (22 oz.) 
ABV: 6.0 %
IBUs: 38

A (3/3): This beer has a sparse and creamy eggshell colored head.  The beer itself has a hazy golden color.

S (9/12): Not an incredibly potent but pleasant hop bouquet, lightly floral with a biscuit malt aroma.

T (16/20): Moderate amount of lightly toasted malts up front, bready and biscuity.  The second flavor is the light tropical fruit flavor of the hop followed by a light citrus pith bitterness that lingers.

M (4/5): A medium to light body  with a lively carbonation finishes dry with a very nominal bitterness bite.

O (6/10): A bright ale that embodies the spring time.  A good "lawn mowing" beer on a hot day.  Very clean and dry beer best drank quickly in large quaffs.


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