Thursday, May 22, 2014

Drink Tanks

I stumbled upon an interesting product recently called Drink Tanks.  Boutique growlers are really taking off recently and the same old glass bottle with a white metal cap is just not sufficient for some consumers.
     Founded in 2010 as the Pistol Creek Bottle Company it was later re-branded as Drink Tanks when the focus was redirected from water bottles to making growlers.
     These 18/8 stainless steel, double walled and vacuum insulated growlers are hand assembled in Bend, OR and come with a lifetime warranty. The company funded their Kickstarter Campaign in April 2013 and made $236,772 nearly 8 times the original goal of $30,000.  This allowed them to reach stretch goals and offer seven powder coating colors as well as custom engraving.
Powder coating and engraving are not the only add-ons to the Drink Tank.  A patent pending Keg Cap is also sold that is unique to the Drink Tank.  This innovation is where other boutique growlers have come up short.  The custom cap allows you to pressurize your beer and then serve it from a picnic tap.  Purging the CO2 from the top of the beer will also let you keep your beer fresh longer.  The site says it will only stay fresh for one day but I think they mean cold or it is to set expectations low.  In my experience beer will stay fresh in your standard glass growler for at least a couple to three days if properly refrigerated.
     The growler is not the only product sold by Drink Tanks, they also sell the Silipint which is a silicone pint glass.  This is good for a couple reasons, it will not break when dropped and silicone is a much better insulator than glass.  This keeps your hand from warming up your beer. You can find more information or buy one at

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  1. If you complete the Bend Ale Trail you get a free Silipint from the Visit Bend Welcome Center