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5th Annual Sisters Fresh Hop Fest this Saturday

This Saturday, September 27, I'll be going to the Sisters Fresh Hop Festival.  This 5th rendition of the event will be held from 12pm - 8pm in Sisters Village Green Park. This event will feature brews from around the state of Oregon and their unique Fresh Hop flavors. All breweries that participate bring at least one fresh hop beer.  Most breweries are bringing two.  A complete, but subject to change, list of the beers that will be there this year is below.  Tasting mugs are $5 and will get you a 4 oz. pour.  Further tokens can be purchased for $1 a piece.  Over the last four years the Sisters Fresh Hop Festival has contributed over $10,000 to benefit the sisters community.  A portion of the proceeds will be shared with the Family Access Network of Sisters and the Kiwanis Food Bank of Sisters.  Both of these organizations provide food and other necessities for the less fortunate.

Brewery - Beer Style Description

10 Barrel Brewing - The Boss Fresh Hop Our Brew master Jimmy "The Boss" left his house at 3 am and drove over the mountains to pick up Fresh Centennial Hops at Umpqua Farms. The hops were in the hop back within hours of being cut. This Harvest Ale will only be around for a short time... so get it while you can. ABV: 5.5% IBU: 55

10 Barrel Brewing - Big Daddy Fresh Shawn Kelso, also known as Big Daddy, brewed this fresh hop in Boise using local Centennial hops from Gooding Hop Farm. This beer is as fresh as Big Daddy himself.  ABV: 6.1% IBU: 55

Base Camp Brewing Company - Fresh Hop Gnar Gnar, IPA Oh, what’s that?  You like Meridian hops?  How about HUNDREDS OF POUNDS of Meridian hops?  Specialty-malted barley and oats make for an IPA that’s velvety-smooth and full of fruity goodness.  Harness the Gnar! ABV: 6.7% IBU: 60

Base Camp Brewing Company - Wet-Hop Dry Hopped Helles A truckload of fresh Cascade hops went into the lager tank with this Helles lager.  Its super-clean, light lager body is a perfect way to show off a huge citrusy fresh-hop taste and aroma. ABV: 4.9% IBU: 22

BridgePort Brewing - Mettle and Mash; IPA BridgePort’s 2014 Hop Harvest Ale will be a reprise of a recipe that we first used in 2007.  It will be a 7% ABV OPA that will use 250 pounds of fresh Crystal hops from Sodbuster Farms in Woodburn, Oregon as a wet dryhop”.  This beer will be draft only and in limited production.

BridgePort Brewing - Witch Hunt; Spiced Ale ABV: 5.8%; IBU: 40 Prepare for the mod.  BridgePort Brewing is bringing back the beloved seasonal ale for a Halloween treat.  Witch Hunt Spiced Ale offers a deep caramel color and a rich mouth feel coming from a unique blend of caramel and Melanoidin malts.  With an intense dry hop character, Witch Hunt finishes off with subtle hints of cinnamon and nutmeg spice.

Burnside Brewing Company - Couch Select Lager, Helles Style Pale Lager Helles Style Pale Lager, brewed with quality pilsner malt, American Tettnang hops and fermented with the Bohemian lager yeast strain.  Cold fermentation produces a nice crispy snap to a beautiful malt flavor and subtle hop presence.   Burnside Couch Select, unlike other Burnside Beers is filtered.  Our new high tech filter allows us to polish up this traditional style to create a bright lager with a crisp finish to style.   5.0% ABV 18 I.B.U.’s

Burnside Brewing Company - Fresh Hop Oatmeal Pale Burnside Oatmeal Pale is brewed using 225 pounds of disturbingly fresh Goschie Farms Crystal Hops per 15bbl batch. This is a clean dry Pale Ale with low bitterness and lots of fresh hop flavor. We have chosen to add 75 pounds of Bob’s Red Mill rolled oats to increase body and give our Pale a sweet creamy finish to play off the delicate flavors Fresh Hops. Burnside Freshy Oatmeal Pale, in addition to most Burnside Beer is unfiltered.  This requires an increased time commitment, but pays dividends in the depth, character, and flavor profile of our offerings.   5.6% ABV                                

Cascade Lakes Brewing Company - Farmer’s Choice Wet Hop Cascade Lakes wet hop brewed with 150 pounds of Centennial wet hops fresh from the Umpqua Valley.  Brewers and friends drive to Sumerland, Oregon early in the morning the day of the brew.  ABV: 5.8%; IBU: 65

Cascade Lakes Brewing Company - Paulina Lakes; Pilsner Paulina Lakes is a classic style Pilsner.  Light in color and well hopped with European noble hops.  This leads to a beer with few residual sugars to create a dry, crisp lager with bigger hop bitterness and aroma than your typical American lager.  ABV: 4.5%; IBBU: 30

Crux Fermentation Project - Crystal Zwickle I Belgian Style Pale Notes of citrus and sandalwood, pine and potpourri are bestowed by the yeast and aggressive hopping with morning-picked Crystals hops from Goschie Farms in Silverton, OR. Light Pilsner and Dark Crystal malts land this intriguing, clearly unfiltered pale squarely in the present moment. 6.0 ABV, 35 IBU

Crux Fermentation Project - Off The Fence I Estate Grown Fresh Hop Aggressively hopped in the hop back with Cascades from our “Estate Fence”. Less than 5 minutes from when the last hop was picked till it was infused with wort in the hop back. Brewed to the Pale Ale style, this is a super clean and fresh beer. 5.8 ABV, 35 IBU

Deschutes Brewery - Fresh Hop Oktoberfest; Marzen Lager Our 2014 Fresh Hoptoberfest utilizes German Vienna and Munich malts, as well as an authentic sour wort stain from Distelhauser in Germany for a refreshing zippy finish.  Fresh local Willamette hops define this brew as an authentic seasonal creation. ABV: 5.2%; IBU: 30

Deschutes Brewery - Fresh Hop Horse Ridge IPA This strong pale is brewed in traditional Northwest-style, you’ll be happy to know!  The hops are floral and pronounced; 75% of which are fresh Centennials from Goschie Farms.  The malt bill is made up of two types of crystal malt and two types of wheat.  This produces a well hopped, balanced beer with malty smoothness.  ABV: 6.1%; IBU: 59

Fort George Brewery  - Fresh IPA All Simcoe hopped Fresh Hop IPA; ABV 6.5%

Fort George Brewery - Cavatica Stout A rich, deep and satisfactory stout.  ABV: 8.8%

Full Sail Brewing  - Fresh Hop Pale Ale Brewed with Simcoe Hops.  A rich golden / orange hued pale ale. Full malty body with biscuit and caramel malt flavors favorably support hop notes of spice and citrus. 6.7% ABV; 58 IBU

Full Sail Brewing - Session Named “world’s best premium lager” at the World Beer Awards, this all-malt, preprohibition style lager reminds us what American lagers used to taste like. ABV: 5.1%; IBU: 18

Gilgamesh Brewing - Fresh Prince of Ales; Double IPA A double IPA brewed with copious amounts of Centennial hops fresh off the vines.  This triple wet-hopped ale has a golden color, short-lived bitterness, and an astounding aroma.  ABV: 8.2%; IBU: 90+

Gilgamesh Brewing - Mamba; Ale Ale with Black Tea and Tangerine Peel.  A unique malt beverage defined by black tea, bergamot, tangerine peek and rye.  Mamba is light-flavored and smooth-bodied with a taste that can only speak for itself.  ABV: 6.5%; IBU: 1

GoodLife Brewing - 150 Hippies; Fresh Hop Pale 150 Hippies is a collaborative fresh hop pale ale brewed with 150 pounds of hops from local farms and backyard enthusiasts.  ABV: 5.3%; IBU: 30

GoodLife Brewing - Sweet As; Pacific Ale “Why name a beer “Sweet As”?  This beer is brewed with New Zealand hops.  In New Zealand, “Sweet As” can be used to describe a dishing hole, a ski run, a sunset glowing behind a mountain or a set of legs that happen to be walking in front of you.  Sweet As means “Really Good.”  Now, let your imagination go wild and think how often you could say Sweet As to describe your GoodLife.  “Cheers to all the Sweet As experiences in life”  ABV: 6% IBU: 18

Groundbreaker Brewing - Meridian Fresh Hop Pale Ale   30 IBU ~5.8% ABV One day a year we have the opportunity to pick up freshly harvested Meridian hops and add them straight into a batch of our award-winning Pale Ale. We brewed up only 15 barrels of Meridian Fresh Hop Pale Ale using over 100 pounds of fresh, wet, Meridian hops from Goschie Farms in Silverton, Oregon. Gluten Free.

Groundbreaker Brewing - Cascade Fresh Hop Pale Ale 30 IBU ~5.8% ABV For the past two years we’ve offered a fresh hop version of our Pale Ale where instead of dry-hopping with Cascade and Meridian hops we have used fresh Meridian hops. This year we thought it would be interesting to offer a second version of this fresh hop beer featuring Cascade hops. We brewed up only 15 barrels of Cascade Fresh Hop Pale Ale using over 100 pounds of fresh, wet, Cascade hops from Goschie Farms in Silverton, Oregon. Gluten Free.

McMenamin’s Old St. Francis School - Thundercone Fresh Hop Ale This fresh hop showcase is made with Sodbuster Farms Brewers Gold hops.  Pilsner Malt was used as the base malt for this beer to impart a smooth foundation and Belgian Caramel Malt was thrown in for a little color and a slight maltiness.  Dried Chinook hops were used as First Wort Hops and as a flavoring addition.  But the real stars of the show are the Brewer’s Gold hops used for both flavoring and aroma.  Five pounds of fresh Brewer’s Gold  hops per barrel were added in three different additions in every batch. These fresh cones overwhelm “Thundercone Fresh Hop Ale” with an earthy, raw hop decadence that can only come from fresh hops.  ABV: 6.19%; IBU: 56

McMenamin’s Old St. Francis School - Mr. Peacock’s Special Bitter Fresh Hop Our OSF brewers went out to the D&D Ranch in Terrebonne again this year to hand pick hops. Fresh Fuggles and Mt Hood hops awaited us.  As we first arrived 4 peacocks greeted us with their majestic plumage and stately demeanor.  Thusly we chose to make a Special Bitter with the hops we picked from the D&D Ranch. An earthy yet fresh aroma greets your nose.  The mild malt body has a somewhat sweet taste at first but then finishes dry and easy going.  A great compliment to a sunny afternoon as well as an Autumn day. Malts: GWM Pale, Baird’s Pale, Best Vienna, Baird’s Crystal 30/37L and Thomas Fawcett & Sons Crystal Rye 70/80 Hops: Nugget and US Golding Special Ingredients: Fresh Hops- Fuggle and Mt Hood OG: 1.048  TG: 1.010   ABV: 4.9  IBU: 33 SRM: 7

Ninkasi Brewing Company - Jarrylo Ninkasi's Single Hop Series is a project to experience the unique characteristics of select hops and the individual flavors and nuances they impart. By using a standard malt selection, we have designed an elegant framework to showcase different hops. Each beer in the series is named for the hop in use and lends itself to a deeper understanding of the featured varietal.  Developed in Yakima Valley, Washington by Roy Farms Jarrylo, also known as experimental hop ADHA881, is a dual-purpose hop used for aroma and flavor. Pronounced Yar-i-lo, this hop is named after the Russian God of fertility. Paired with a crisp Pilsner malt base, this single hop beer highlights the pear, orange, spicy and fruity notes of the hop. ABV: 5.3% IBU 38

Ninkasi Brewing Company - 100 Years of Hopitude Pale ale brewed with fresh hop Centennial hops.

Portland Brewing Company - McTarnahan’s Fresh Hop Amber Ale This September, over 200 pounds of fresh ‘wet’ hops from Goschie Farms in Silverton, OR, were harvested and introduced into a small batch of McTarnahan’s Amber.  This batch yielded less than 80 unfiltered kegs.  We are making it available in only a small number of select locations for you to experience.  ABV: 5.1%; IBU: 32

Portland Brewing Company - Portland Brewing Company Zig Zag Lager ZigZag River Lager is a crisp, easy-drinking German-style lager brewed to bring you from the banks of the Rhine to ZigZag itself.  ABV: 5.1%; IBU: 25

Old Town Brewing Co. - Cent’s and Censability; Fresh Hop Pale A wonderfully floral fresh hop pale brewed with over 10 pounds of wet Centennial hops per barrel. Last year’s gold medal winner for Fresh Hop at Great American Beer Festival.  ABV: 5.2%

Old Town Brewing Co. Sterling Kolsch Our house Kolsch brewed with over 60 pounds of freshly picked Sterling hops.  The resulting beer is crisp and easy drinking with subtle fresh cut grass aroma.  ABV: 4.9%

Rat Hole Brewing - Blood Orange Fresh Hop Pale This easy drinking pale ale is refreshing and light.  Fresh blood orange compliments the nicely balanced flavor of the malt.  This beer uses a mystery blend of hops contributed by local growers.  This is a great summer beer.  ABV: 5.0%; IBU: 20

Rat Hole Brewing - Fresh Hop Rye IPA Rat Hole Rye IPA is brewed with this rustic grain for refined flavors – combining the peppery spice of rye and the bright citrus flavors of whole cone hops to create a complex ales.   The result is a crisp full-bodied beer and the taste of rye really comes through.  This beer uses a mystery blend of hops contributed by local growers. ABV: 6.7%; IBU: 69

Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider - Hallelujah Hopricot Fresh Hop Cider To the finest heritage apples, I have added hops, apricots, and a carefully selected mélange of spices to produce this highly drinkable libation.  This classic best-seller gets a special treatment each year during the hop harvest.  The pilgrimage is made to Crosby Hop Farms in Woodburn, Oregon to select the finest freshly-harvested Cascade hops.  Then they are rushed back to Portland and added to the cider.  Nearly 7 pounds of hops are added to each barrel of off-dry cider.  ABV: 6.7%

Seven Brides Brewing - Fresh Hopped Ember We took our pub favorite and combined it with one of the valley’s most famous hops.  The Cascade is known throughout the brewing world as a superb aroma variety.  Revered for its unique flavor and distinct aroma Cascade is this year’s choice for Fresh Hopped Ember.  Hops still wet from the field paired with the balanced blend of Munich and crystal malts make this ale sparkle with light citrus and earthy, ‘straight from the farm flavor’.  ABV: 5.0%; IBU: 45

Seven Brides Brewing - Fresh Hop Chinook Pale Its harvest time and Fresh hop beers are here.  Thanks to Crosby Hop Farms, Chinook Fresh Hop Pale is coming to you.  Light piney flavors and the fresh grassy aromas of harvest time in the Willamette Valley bring you flavor that makes us tip our hats to all the hard working hop growers and say, ‘I’ll have another!’  ABV: 5.25%; IBU: 50

Silver Moon Brewing Hoppopatmus; Fresh Hop Ale It’s big, it’s hoppy, and it’s the freshest hope ale all around.  We make HOPPO using 100% raw Oregon Cascade hops.  HOPPO is huge on flavor and spice.  Do you like IPA’s?  This limited edition Fall all will not disappoint.  ABV: 6.4%; IBU: 50+

Silver Moon Brewing VooDoo Dog; ISR This blood red ale has the character of an amber and the attitude of an IPA.  Cursed caramel malts collide with Simcoe and
Centennial hops in this wickedly refreshing ale.  ABV: 5.5%; IBU: 47

Three Creeks Brewing Company - Cone Lick’r Fresh Hop Pale The 2014 iteration of our annual fresh hop pale features 300 lbs. of wet centennial hops from BC Farms in Woodburn, OR.  The hops went from farm to brew kettle in 4 hours.   The abundance of hop resins create a spiciness along with the classic orange rind notes of the fresh centennial. ABV: 5%

Three Creeks Brewing Company - Hop Wrangler Fresh Hop Red   A fresh hop version of our Firestorm Red utilizing 150 lbs. of freshly harvested Chinook hops direct from Independence, OR. ABV: 5.8%

Three Mugs Brewing Company - Big D’s Memorial Fresh Hop Imperial IPA Named for a family member we lost on August 29, Big D, Diablo, was a huge, sweet, lovable Doberman who was part of our brew family.  Just like Big D, this beer has a huge heart: tasty malt backbone and a complete hop profile with balance in bitterness, flavor and aroma, plus a whole lotta fresh Simcoe for an added punch!  This beer is awesomely flavorful and deceptively incapacitating…quaff with care! RIP Big D!  ABV: 9.3%; IBU: 100

Three Mugs Brewing Company - Firey Wench Imperial Red Ale; NW Style Red The ‘Wench’ is an Irish-Style imperial red ale, with a substantial matliness and alcohol warming that won’t be ignored, plus a beautiful red-mahogany color that is as inviting as the malt aroma.  The Wench may hurt you, but you’ll keep coming back for more.  ABV: 9%; IBU: 84

Wild Ride Brewing - Journey to Planet Fresh Hop Prepare to experience a flavorful journey that only takes place once a year!  Fresh hop brews use hops that are freshly picked and transported immediately for brewing.  These hops are not dried prior to being shipped, which creates a unique flavor profile in these styles of beers, including having a lower bitterness and an earthy profile.  Wild Ride’s Journey to Planet Fresh-Hop uses Nugget hops from the Willamette Valley.  The use of Nugget hops creates flavors which can be described as pleasant, spicy, and herbal.  Expect all of these flavors to be blended and balanced into this pale ale, which will take you and your taste buds to a different world. ABV: 6.6% IBU 40

Wild Ride Brewing  - 3 Sisters American Red Ale Faith, Hope, and Charity. The backdrop of Central Oregon features these lovely sisters which are three of the highest peaks in Oregon. We use three main types of malt and hops to represent these Central Oregon landmarks. This beautiful beer has a sunset red appearance to remind us of their presence at the end of the day. Like many peaks you might aspire to climb, these sisters can be both bitter and sweet, as the select hops represent the northwest in every way possible. OG: 14 TG: 2.8  ABV: 6% IBU: 45

Worthy Brewing - The Big Sticky; Fresh Hop Pale Ale This is a “sessionable ale” that really lets the fresh Meridian hops shine through.  We used 200lbs of these sticky beauties from Willamette Valley’s Goschie Farms throughout the brew – in the mash, whirlpool, hop back and as a dry hop.  We know you’ll enjoy the unique flavor that only comes once a year.  ABV: 5% IBU: 45

Worthy Brewing - Easy Day Kolsch Our Easy Day Kolsch is a light, crisp, straw colored beer that’s easy to drink and fun to savor. We brewed this quintessential German style ale with imported Munich malt and a touch of wheat, added in Perle hops for bittering and Willamette hops for a hint of old Europe spiciness, and brought home that signature subtle green able aroma with a true Kolsch yeast.  ABV: 4.5% IBU: 25

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