Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Peche Fest Beers Announced

Peche Fest beers have been announced the beers and descriptions for their second annual festival by Saraveza. The event will take place in The Bad Habit Room at Saraveza located at 1004 N. Killingsworth St in Portland. More details can be found below.

Peche Fest
Saturday October 11th
2pm -10pm @ Saraveza 3pm- 10pm @ The Bad Habit Room
$10 for a Glass and 2 drink tickets good for 5oz pours. Additional tickets $2.

If you do not like peaches, then this fest is not for you, but if you love beer, cider, and the world’s most delicious fruit, then the 2nd annual Peche Fest may be the greatest thing that’s happened since God tempted Adam and Eve with a forbidden fruit (that most certainly was a peach).

From the creators of the Portland Fruit Beer Festival and Farmhouse and Wild Ale Festival comes the 2nd annual Peche Fest.

Featuring 19 beers, 5 ciders, and a mead from some of our favorite crafters, many of which are extremely rare and some even one-off creations exclusively for this festival. A $10 entry fee gets you a beautiful Peche Fest stamped glass and 2 drink tickets good for 5oz pours. Additional tickets are $2 each.

Presented by Saraveza and Bad Habit Room with a special menu of peach food specials, a peach cocktail, and fermented peach drinks. Advanced tickets are on sale now.

Peach Food Specials:
Peach Braised Pulled Pork Sandwich served with Smokey Peach BBQ Sauce & Peachy Coleslaw
Peach Cobbler
Peach Beverages

Almanac Brewing - Brandy Barrel Peche: Historically, fruit-infused sour beers were a way of preserving the summer harvest. In that tradition, this blonde ale was added to brandy barrels with high-summer peaches, hand-picked by the Loewen family at Blossom Bluff Orchards in Reedley, California. We aged this liquid gold for six months until we needed a reminder that summer will come again. Pair with Prosciutto, crusty bread and fruit preserves.

Block 15 Brewing - Fuzzy Wuzzy: Berliner/farmhouse hybrid with brett and peaches, briefly aged in 2nd run gin barrels.

Breakside Brewery - Peach Sour Golden: Our seasonal passionfruit Sour minus the passionfuit, but aged on peaches instead!

The Commons Brewery - Créme de pêche: A flaked corn based farmhouse ale aged in second use gin barrels with brett brux, lactobacillus and July Elberta peaches from Baird Family Orchards. ABV: 6%

De Garde Brewing - Vielle Peche

Deschutes Brewery - Peach Slap: Originally created for the Portland Fruit Beer Fest, brewed again due to popular demand! A crisp, tart, Belgian ale brewed with juniper berries and pink peppercorn. The addition of house made peach and habanero syrup rounds out this light and refreshing beer with a little subtle heat.

Dogfish Head - Festina Peche: A refreshing neo Berliner-Weisse.
Served as an apertif or summertime quencher, Festina is delicately hopped and has a pale straw color. To soften the intense sourness, Berliner Weisse is traditionally served with a dash of essence of woodruff or raspberry syrup. In Festina Peche, since the natural peach sugars are eaten by the yeast, the fruit complexity is woven into both the aroma and the taste of the beer so there is no need to doctor it with woodruff or raspberry syrup. Just open and enjoy!

Elysian Brewing - Depeche Mode Dry Hopped Peach Sour: This melody maker of Lactobacillus, combined with peach purée and Citra hops, brings the new wave synth to your palate. Meanwhile, pale, white wheat, and rye malts gets the balance right. Trust us – you just can’t get enough. 10.3 OG, 14 IBUs, 4% abv

Elysian Brewing - Gourdgia On My Mind Peach Pecan Pumpkin Amber: Brewed with Pale, Munich, TF Amber, pale chocolate, & brown malt.
Pecan meal added to the mash, bitterer with Magnum hops, with 6 gallons of karo syrup to kettle, cinnamon in the whirlpool and 126 pounds of peach purée added during fermentation.
6.4% abv  24 IBUs

Epic Ales - Brainless on Peaches: We took our double gold medal winning Brainless® Belgian, added peach puree and aged it in French Chardonnay casks. It develops nicely as it warms displaying more fruit and wine.

Flat Tail Brewing - Corvallian Imperial Peach Ale : Strong Golden Ale is hopped and dry hopped with cascade, simcoe, and chinook, and fermented with 10# per barrel Oregon peach purée. Weyermann acidulated malt provides a tart finish that keeps this citrusy, peachy strong ale drinkable and perfect for fall harvest time. 10.5% abv

Gigantic Brewing - Le Petit Peche Batard: Cask table saison with fresh peaches added to the pin.  4.3% abv 15 ibu

Hi-Wheel Wine & Mead - Peche Deesse: Lemon base is used in this yummy summery treat. A whole box of organic peaches is added to the secondary fermenter to honor the goddess of peaches.
Logsdon Farmhouse Ales: Peche n’ Brett: Our Seizoen Bretta oak aged and loaded with tons of local organic peaches (a pound and a half per gallon).

Lompoc Brewing - Peachy Keen : A golden ale that was brewed in Sept 2013, fermented with and aged on 200 pounds of peaches for a year.  Huge peach aroma and flavor finishing dry and tart.  4.5% ABV

Mazama Brewing - La Gaule du Matin: Port Barrel Aged Belgian Blonde with Peaches.  "Take our popular Sour Sunrise with its bright peach fruit and age it in a port wine barrel and you get an incredibly complex yet easy drinking beer. This is a great summer sipper with layers of fruit, vanilla spice, and barrel character that will keep you coming back for more.” ABV 8.5%

Oakshire Brewing - Peach Reunification: Reunification Berlinner Weisse aged on fresh peaches for one month. 4.5%

Upright Brewing - Fantasia Batch 4: It differs from previous batches in that we blended 80% beer aged one year on oak with 20% beer aged two years (from batch 3). I feel like we got extra depth from having two different peach varieties and different aging times, so even though we haven’t really tasted the truly finished beer yet, I think it’s going to be a great batch based on samples. Abv is 5.75%

Widmer Brothers Brewing: Peaches & Widberry: Hefeweizen with black raspberries and peaches added, 4.4% ABV

Baird & Dewar Farmhouse - Peach & Apricot Cider: 70 lbs of fresh Baird Family Orchards Apricots & 400 lbs of Baird Lucky 13 Peaches, pitted and infused in 275 gallons of 2013 Farmhouse Cider for 2.5 months.  Sparkling, dry and aromatic, 7.2% ABV

Blue Mountain Cider - Peach: Sparkling apple cider and a splash of fresh peach meet to make the perfect combination of acidity and sweetness.

Bushwhacker Cidery - Crabby Persica: A blend of Gravenstein, Akane, and Dolga crab apples, fermented with white wine yeast, and infused with fresh peaches

Cider Riot - King of the Bop: Named after a Nipple Erector song. Local Peaches pureed with the skins on fermented with a blend of Weihenstephan and Scottish Ale Yeast with local apples from Hood River and Yakima Valley. 6.9% ABV

Reverend Nat’s - The Swami’s Peach: Peaches, almonds and honey are the only ingredients in this rustic wine based on an ancient Sanskrit text of holy drinks. 6.6% ABV

Nectar Creek - Pollinator Peach Mead: Oregon grown and crafted, our Peach Session Mead is a tribute to the summer. Flavors of luscious Oregon Peaches and Willamette Valley honey combine to make the ideal summer beverage. Good job Oregon. Truly delicious. 5.5% Abv

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