Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NW Coffee Beer Invitational Final Tap List

The final tap list for the NW Coffee Beer fest has been released and its is looking like a killer lineup.  Every beer has some type of coffee in them but that does not mean they will all be stouts.  Last year there were several lighter beers that only shared the flavor or aroma of coffee not the color.  This should be a great event if last year was any indication and I look forward to trying these coffee beers this Saturday.

Barley Brown's - Imperial Breakfast Stout
Oatmeal Stout brewed using vanilla beans and local (Baker City) roasted Sorbenots Coffee. Rich, smooth, with distinct flavors of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. We brewed this beer on our original brewery especially for the Northwest Coffee Beer Festival.

Grain Station - Sidamo Coffee Stout
For this Coffee stout we collaborated with Mud River coffee roasters out of Corvallis Oregon using their light roasted Kilenso Rasa from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. The high Altitude volcanic soil and wet ferment of these beans gives the coffee dark fruit and chocolate notes, nicely complimenting the chocolate sweetness of this stout. A 4.3 % blend of the cold press concentrate to beer volume does a great job of enhancing the stout flavor without overpowering the palete.  

Lucky Labrador - Irish Coffe’d Red Ale
This ruby red ale is made using imported Irish Ale Yeast, and a healthy dose of Portland Roasting coffee, giving your tongue a good dose of malty sweetness but finishing with a palate cleansing, light hoppiness, and a smooth coffee finish.

Widmer - Demitasse Coffee Pale or “Little Cup.”
This year, we partnered with Stumptown Coffee Roasters to brew Demitasse Coffee Pale or “Little Cup.” She is a dry hopped special bitter brewed with 2-Row Pale, Special Aromatic and Golden Naked Oats, hopped with Pilgrim for bittering, as well as Mandarina Bavaria and First Gold for flavor and aroma. After primary fermentation we dry hopped the “Little Cup” with more Mandarina Bavaria and First Gold and complemented the choice in hops with Stumptown’s Ethiopia Durmina whole bean coffee, chosen for its spectacular flavors and aromas including  hops, lemonade and peaches. We set out to create the perfect cup with the best of both worlds. Relax, sit, and enjoy a “little cup” of Demitasse Coffee Pale. Prost!

Burnside Brewing and Kells Brew Pub
We teamed up with Din Johnson from Ristretto Roasters to create Cafe Negra Limello. Our offering is a traditional Vienna Lager that was brewed in November and lagered for 8 weeks. We selected Burundi coffee for its vibrant citrus quality. The resulting beer drinks easy and has notes of toffee, chocolate and finishes with hints of lime.

Migration Brewing - Odilicious
"Made with Costa Rican cascara (coffee pulp) from Sustainable Harvest located right here in Portland, Oregon, Odilicious is deep mahogany in color and fills the palette with a rich malt body and pronounced notes of tobacco, raisins and dried red fruit. Healthy doses of cluster and fuggle hops balance out the fruit and earth profiles from the cascara."
We know spring has not arrived yet, but why not migrate to the Goose Hollow Inn for this rare brew!

Gigantic Brewing - Sabotage! Coffee Baltic Porter
Sabotage! clocks in at 8% ABV with a huge aroma and flavor of chocolate, caramel, dark fruit and roast melded with cold pressed Coava coffee.

Elysian Brewing - Cthulhu Imperial Oak Aged Coffee Stout
A malevolent Stout worthy of its ages-old Lovecraftian namesake, Cthulhu brings together components from Earth's dark, dead corners: Crystal malt, Munich, roasted barley, chocolate and black malts, midnight wheat, and flaked oats. This monstrous stout was bittered with Jarrylo hops, along with some late Belma, then aged on American Oak staves and infused with Stumptown Cold Brew to set minions ululating with delight.

Chetco Brewing - Black Thunder
Brewed with Signature Coffee from Humboldt, is a full bodied stout beginning with subtle, chocolatey notes and leaves a crisp coffee after taste. In other words - it's freaking great!

Fire on the Mountain Brewing - Spanish Coffee Mud
For this years Coffee Beer Invitational, we at FOTM Brewing Co. have brewed up what might be the perfect winter beer. What could be better than a rich beer form of the classic cocktail, Spanish Coffee? We started with our house chocolate oatmeal stout, Electric Mud, fermented it with sweet orange peel, and blended it with freshly roasted Guatemala Tikal coffee beans from our friends at Spella Cafe. From there, we conditioned it on rum soaked oak and vanilla beans. The result is a truly delicious beer that covers the major food groups; coffee, rum, and most importantly beer! Please enjoy responsibly for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Coalition Brewing - Jumpy Juice
What do Portlanders and long haul truckers have in common? They both love coffee! We call it plain old coffee around these parts, but the truckers call it Jumpy Juice, a name we've borrowed for this special offering. At its base, Jumpy Juice is a dark Belgian ale...fruity Belgian esters and candi sugar sweetness pair delightfully with Seven Virtues Columbia Tello coffee, contributing notes of roast, pear, toffee, and white grape. We don't condone drinking and driving, but when you get to that truck stop for the night, enjoy a pint of Jumpy Juice. 10-4, Coalition out.

Sasquatch Brewing - Wired Whale
Our Moby Dick Imperial IPA with a cold coffee extraction. Deep notes of citrus and coffee excite the senses!

Buoy Beer - TBD
The base for our Brown Coffee beer is a traditional malty brown ale that emphasizes chocolate and caramel notes. Ground Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans, roasted in Astoria at Columbia River Coffee Roaster, are added to secondary conditioning in a process that is similar to dry-hopping. Cold steeping the coffee this way produces true coffee flavors and aromas that play well with the beer’s base to create an enjoyable treat.

Pints Brewing - Mocha Banana Split
The base beer is PINTS' Hibernator, a German-Style Weizendoppelbock (7.6% ABV, 18 IBU). It is like liquid banana bread, but in a really good way. Add cocoa nibs, a judicious shot of Portland Roasting's Goose Hollow coffee, then toss a cherry on top and bam!

McMenamins Crystal Brewery - Onward Caravan Turkish Coffee Ale
We teamed up with McMenamins Coffee Roasters Martyn Leaper and Kelly Ockinga to make an ale based on traditional Turkish coffee. Along with a nut brown ale base full of smooth caramel malt tones, we highlight flavors and aromas of fresh nuts, chocolate, heavy cream, and golden syrup from our Kenyan and El Salvador locally roasted coffee beans. A slight roastiness rears up at the end, along with the full floral spiciness of ground green cardamom seeds added during the brewing process and post-fermentation. A unique, satisfying brew.

Walking Man Brewing - Happy Feet Coffee Brown Ale
We worked with Bryan Wray of Compass Coffee in Vancouver fairly extensively to find a roast and origin of coffee that would pair well with our Barefoot Brown Ale. After a few jittery afternoon tasting sessions we settled on a medium roast from Kenya. It lends wonderful nutty and fruit flavors that play well with the malty hazelnut and caramel notes found in the the Barefoot Brown.

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