Monday, March 16, 2015

10 Barrel Portland Preview

Rendering of the new roof deck
On Friday I had the opportunity to visit the new 10 Barrel brewpub in Portland located at 1411 N.W Flanders St. the previous home of Mellow Mushroom.

The brewery employs 94 people and has the seating capacity for 175 thirsty patrons.
The brewpub will be opening to the public early this week with the roof deck opening mid summer with an estimated 100 person capacity

Co-Founder Garret Wales and Head Brewery Whitney Burnside

Co-Founder Garrett Wales talked to us a little bit about why their head-brewer Whitney Burnside was chosen for the Portland Brewery. In putting together the team for the Portland 10 Barrel, Whitney was chosen because of her innovation and creativity.  Coming from a culinary background, which was currently lacking on the 10 barrel team, Whitney brought a new perspective to the brewing team.
Whitney will basically just be doing R&D Brewing in Portland.  There will 20 taps at the brewpub, 10 of which will be Whitney creations.  If a beer becomes popular enough to bottle, the recipe will be transferred to the production brewery in Bend. This will allow Whitney to work on developing new and unique beers without having to worry about production schedules.

20 Barrel Brew House
Since the InBev acquisition in November 2014 Garret said there really hasn't been many changes on the brewery side.  Behind the scenes there has been some changes, like a lot more attention to health and safety concerns, more conference calls, and other changes that come along with being folded into a large corporation.  However they have benefited from being purchased as well.  Raw ingredients have been much easier to come by.  DUB, A popular brewery only IPA, is now going to be bottled. Pre-acquisition 10 Barrel was unable to source enough hops to make a production run, but now with the InBev buying power they will be able to.

The first beer out of the new 20 Barrel Metal Craft brewhouse was Pearl IPA.  A fantastic beer using Cascade, Mosaic, Simcoe and Amarillo hops.

The Menu was your basic pub fair of burgers and pizza with some nice additions.  Oyster Shooters, brussel sprouts as well as steamer clams all were on the menu, as well as some PDX flare with the "Portland Salad" and the "Hipster Pie" Pizza which is just a re-branded "Hippy Pie."  10 Barrel Portland has a great deal on their taster tray, with 10 beer samples for a meager $10.  I didn't have an opportunity to verify this but that is what the bartender said and I assumed he knew.

All around this was a great experience if you can put aside the politics of being owned by a corporate beer giant I think you'll have a great time.  The food is very good and the staff is phenomenal, very attentive and customer oriented.  Not to mention the new creative beers that Whitney will be putting out.

10 Barrel Brewing
1411 N.W Flanders St.
Portland, OR 97209
Sunday-Thursday 11am-11pm
Friday-Saturday 11am-Midnight

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