Saturday, July 25, 2015

Oregon Brewers Festival Roundup

This Thursday I went down to the OBF to partake in my annual tradition of embibing great beers at Tom McCall Waterfront Park.  The first beer I had at the OBF this year was from the International Tent.  This year the International beers were only 1 token as opposed to 2+ in previous years.  This was a welcome change that allowed people to try beer from afar.  The other noticeable change when I first walked into the fest was the cup.  Instead of the glass from last year this was made out of some type of clear polycarbonate. While obviously not as good as last years glass mugs this was a HUGE improvement from the years prior with the plastic smell and translucent material.  At least you can see the beer and I didn't notice any plastic smell or taste the entire time I was drinking.

Yeastie Boys - Gunnamatta
Yeastie Boys - Gunnamatta - B
A hazy golden beer with a frothy white head. This beer had a sweet aroma with a hint of tea. The bitterness of the Earl Gray tea comes through once drank its rather pleasant and unique beer, definitely worth trying

Pints Brewery - Honey Bunches of Oats B
Hazy golden with a slightly sweet aroma that gives some honey character, but the oats did not come through as expected. Crisp mouthfeel with a medium body.  Pretty good but just not what the name would lead you to expect.

Laht Neppur Brewing Co. - Flaming Peach - A
Immediately loved this beer.  The first smell reminded me of peach cobbler and once I tasted it the flavor combination rocked my taste buds. A similar concept to Burnside Brewing Sweet Heat but turned up!  The sweetness of the peach is mouth watering while the heat from Cayenne pepper stings just the right amount for those not timid to spiciness.  Really a good beer probably my most recommended beer.  I would not expect to be seeing this in bottles any time soon so if you can at least try a taster of this beer.

StormBreaker - Mississippi Red Fresh Hop
StormBreaker- Dry Hopped Mississippi Red - B+
Big thick tan head that remained on this deep red beer for quite a while.  The aroma was that of lightly smoked honey with spices.  Once drank the slightly sweet biscuit-y flavor presents itself along with a moderate hop bitterness. This full bodied beer coated your mouth as it was drank,

Fort George - Summer Stout - B-
I really wanted to like this beer and to an extend I did.  The problem with this beer was too high of expectations.  The name summer stout made me delight with the though of a dark stout beer that met the typical platitude of drinking on a hot day after mowing the lawn. It was for the most part just a dry stout which I guess is better than a big heavy bodied stout for a summer day.  Smells slightly smokey with hints of roasted malts. When you drank it the smoke dissipated for a lightly sweet, roasted flavor.  The beer did have a thinner mouthful which is why I think it was given the summer title.  Pretty good overall, but I was just expecting something else.

Caldera - Dry Hop Mosaic B-
This was a good IPA but didn't blow my mind.  I would have never guessed that this was a dry hopped beer, due to the lack of explosive hop aromas.  Also would have been difficult to guess that it was hopped with the very distinct Mosaic Hop.  I may have been compromised from just drinking the Summer Stout but I didn't think it was very Mosaic forward.  Good beer, again just not what the name had me expecting.

The First Woo of the Day happened at 2:35 PM.

Sixpoint - Little Raspy - A-
Sweet, Raspberry, Good.  Reminiscent of de garde Raspberry Bu.  Not much going on other than the raspberry, but it crap was delicious.

Payette Brewing - Leaning Barn Farmhouse Ale - A
Probably the most accurate representation of a beer style that I had at the fest.  This beer was very good. A golden beer with hazy straw color and a wispy white head.  This beer has a nice lemony, honey aroma with fruity hops and orange peel character. with just the right amount of spices.

Flying Fish Brewing Company - Cold Pressed Pale Ale - A
This is what I was hoping to get from the Fort George Summer Stout. Super light but lots of roasted coffee and chocolate notes.  Also as light and clear as a pale ale, not at all what you would expect from the color.

I didn't keep close track of what I had Friday because I we went down with my coworkers and I didn't want to be "That Guy" ignoring everyone with his notepad and pocket protector.  However, I did fine one beer that I really felt like I needed to heap praise on.

Breakside Brewery - Rainbows & Uniorns - A+
This GABF Gold Medal winning beer was completely missed by me on my first two passes from trailer 1-10.  One of the only beers that I got a full pour of after drinking a sample.  This beer may have had the most accurate name that encompassed the beers aroma and taste.  Freaking fantastic rich tropical fruit with citrus notes.  Great body and moth-feel just super beer.  I wish I was more descriptive but I didn't write anything down.  This beer is great try it if you can.  It WILL Sell out today and tomorrow so get it early.

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