Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ninkasi - Noir Milk Stout Review

Brewery: Ninkasi Brewing Company
Location: Eugene, OR
Beer: Noir
Style: Milk Stout with Cold Brewed Coffee
Serving: Spiegelau Stout glass (22 oz.)
ABV: 7.6%
IBUs: 60

A (3/3): Thick foamy, mocha froth head tops this pitch black stout.  As the beer is drank the head covers the glass in a thick layer of bubbles .

S (10/12): Big coffee and dark chocolate aroma waft out of the glass.

T (12/20): Lots of cold brewed coffee flavor right up front, pretty bitter, not from hops as much as the coffee.  Baking chocolate notes are presented between sips. The lactose adds a nice residual sweetness to this beer

M (4/5): A full thick body coats your mouth. Not an overly present alcohol character but noticeable if looking.

O (8/10): Overall a great beer, a little more coffee flavor than I was expecting but not enough to detract from the beer.

Total: (39/50)

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